Get Ready for Summer: These 3 Treatments Will Give You The Confidence To Have Your Best Summer Yet!

You know what they say - summer bodies are made at Pure Skin! Oh wait. . . made in the winter! But we weren’t totally off there! The trained professionals at Pure Skin in North Dakota have the experience, training, and technology at their fingertips to get you the best results in a safe, comfortable atmosphere. With Summer just a few months out, now is the perfect time to bring your summer goals into focus and start on your Pure Skin treatments now so come summertime, your confidence (and skin!) is on 100!

LHR - Laser Hair Reduction! No surprises here! Baby smooth, hair free legs, underarms and bikini areas are in for summer and now is the time to get started! At Pure Skin we use the BAREit™ Laser Hair Reduction by Sciton® that provides incredible results on any skin type, any part of the body, ANY time of year! Laser Hair Reduction works by targeting the pigment in the hair to zap the follicle and prevent future growth. Popular areas to treat include the bikini area, legs, facial hair, underarms and back. Your hair grows in cycles so it’s important to treat the hair in the growth phase which is why we recommend 6 total treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart -- did we mention we’re the ONLY provider of BAREit in ALL of North Dakota?!

Dysport® - If you want to add your forehead, crow’s feet, and brow area to the list of smooth things – Dysport is a great summer treatment to give you that ageless look (and even prevent new wrinkles from forming)! Dysport is an FDA-approved injectable medication. When injected into specific areas of your face, Dysport relaxes the activity of muscles that normally cause wrinkles, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles - giving you the perfect balance of natural looking results and a more youthful appearance!

MOXI™ - Get your summer started off right with brighter, renewed skin with MOXI! The MOXI laser works wonders at treating sun damage, pigmentation, tone, texture, and fine lines! This beginner-level, gentle, fractionated laser promotes new cell growth, treating sun damage of the past and leaves you with an undeniable glow. The perfect way to get your summer started off on the right foot - just be sure to slather the SPF and pack your wide-brimmed hat to keep your results looking great!

Now that you’ve got our top three summer-prep treatments, the only thing left to do is to get started! Call us today for your complimentary consultation (laser consults are $100, the entire fee goes towards treatment) where we can tailor your pre-summer skin plan to your specific needs and get you on your way to gorgeous summer skin: 701-751-4140

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