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Pure Skin Aesthetic & Laser Center always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 20 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Pure Skin Aesthetic & Laser Center below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Lil Z.
Submitted 01/17/19
Very warm and inviting environment ! I would recommend Pure Skin to anyone who has any questions to look no further! Professionalism is excellent !
Cammie E.
Submitted 01/16/19
Savanna has been treating me every month for a few years doing facials, peels, and photo facials. She is very knowledgeable and has done a great job at keeping my skin looking and feeling amazing! I highly recommend her. Have tried facials elsewhere before coming to Savanna, no need to look any further!
Susie G.
Submitted 01/15/19
McKenzie does a great job and customizes my microderm/facial to me! Thanks for giving me great looking skin:)
L. T.
Submitted 01/14/19
I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the exceptional care and service I received at your clinic. I have had experiences at a few other clinics and you and your staff set yourselves apart. The time, patience, and knowledge you showed really makes a difference!
Michelle S.
Submitted 01/09/19
Dr Botsford was so thorough in explaining the procedure to us. My daughter had the nail fungus treatment done and she can now wear flip-flops without being embarrassed ! What a great experience, this is a place I will highly recommend to anyone. Thank you, Michelle Stokes
Miriam R.
Submitted 11/13/18
Highly recommend Shelly!! She is amazing has perfect insight to what appropriate for your structure. Her staff is amazing. I definitely will be back thank you Shelly!
C S.
Submitted 09/10/18
Shelly and Tracy, Thank you for such a positive experience! Your professionalism paired with your personalities really makes for a comfortable and enjoyable environment! You both made my first appointment a breeze and I cannot thank you enough. Additionally, your support for the military is heartfelt and beyond appreciated! I look forward to seeing you again! Have a wonderful week.
Varney B.
Submitted 08/04/18
I love, love, love Pure Skin Aesthetic. The atmosphere is beautiful and relaxing with excellent service. The staff are polite, nice, and very knowledgeable. Everyone goes out of their way to make you feel welcome and comfortable. I give credence to McKenzie for being so helpful guiding me on my journey to a better looking skin. She is knowIedgeable and great at what she does. I am greatful to her for helping improve my skin tremendously.
Lin H.
Submitted 07/14/18
Prior to seeing Savanna, i had a horrible experience with another provider here in Bismarck. I had an underarm IPL and i got burned. And then I discovered Savanna at Pure Skin and she fixed the problem for me. I really appreciate what she did and the empathy that she has. Now, i am also getting my facial done there as well. I definitely recommend Pure Skin.
Karen C.
Submitted 05/01/18
Pure Skin - Dr. John Botsford and PRP Therapy are all it and then some! I’ve been suffering with chronic pain in my hip area (Bursitis) for almost 5 years due to an injury. I’ve done a lot of therapy, including needling, and physical therapy over this 5-year time, which would give me some relief, however the pain would always return specifically after physical activity. The end of March 2018 I decided to try PRP Therapy and the results have been fantastic. It’s so fun to go to sleep at night and not wake up at 3:00 a.m. and take more pain medicine. I’ve been able get back into more physical activity and not worry about how much joint pain I will experience when I relax after physical activities or some hard work. I also like the fact PRT Therapy uses my own platelets/plasma. You rock Dr. John. Karen C.
C. H.
Submitted 02/05/18
I met Shelly 3 years ago. I have moved away from Bismarck but continue to come back for my Dysport and filler because I won't trust my face to anyone else! I am a truly grateful and loyal patient!
L. T.
Submitted 02/05/18
Having to pencil in my eyebrows while trying to achieve the natural look was a daily disappointment. I was excited to try Microblading! McKenzie listened to what I wanted to achieve and added her suggestions before the procedure. My new eyebrows are more defined, yet natural looking because of the individual hair like strokes. I am very pleased with the end result. ~Thank you McKenzie~ You did a fantastic job!
W. B.
Submitted 02/05/18
Shelly and Staff, thank you so much for seeing my daughter. You were all so professional and so pleasant to work with. We had a great first impression. Thank you for your expertise and professionalism in the area of acne. Both my daughter and I appreciated you taking the time for us.
J. S.
Submitted 02/01/18
All in all, I’ve had a great experience with Shelly, and I’m not through yet. As the politicians like to say, I’m Jean Schafter from Bismarck, North Dakota, and I approved this message – and all of the treatments Shelly’s given to me. If you want to dial the clock back on the way you look, or take care of scars, frown-lines or anything else that detracts from the you you’d like the rest of the world to see, you need to call Shelly Botsford at Pure Skin Treatment Services here in Bismarck.
M. T.
Submitted 02/01/18
I was so nervous to have any procedure done on my face. Shelly made me feel at ease and really took time to explain all my questions. I am so pleased with the way my Dysport treatment turned out. I will definitely be back to Pure Skin! Thank you!
J. D.
Submitted 01/30/18
At 50, I never thought I’d get a fresher, younger and more attractive face, but that was before I met Shelly Botsford. I guess I discovered Shelly and her Pure Skin Treatment Services here in Bismarck the way most people find Shelly – by word of mouth. In my case, she was referred to by a friend from high school. Rhonda knows Shelly well enough to feel confident in referring her services to me. That turned out to be a good fit, and at just the right time. I had just turned 50 – I’d had Botox once and liked the results well enough, but I’d also heard good things about Dysport and wanted to give it a try. A friend of mine had told me about her great long-term results from Dysport, so I called Shelly’s office and scheduled my first treatment. She used Dysport on my forehead and brow line – and the results, you can’t even believe. It seemed to kick in quicker for me than Botox did, and I was so amazed at how it flattens out my forehead brow wrinkles. I got a great result. My second treatment involved Botox first and then Dysport, and the verdict is still out, which is better. Shelly explained that the more you use of either one of these, the longer they last for you. The initial results look good, and I’ll definitely do it again. But once we met, Shelly asked me about what else about my appearance I’d like to improve. I told her that I had some facial scarring from a motorcycle accident 30 years ago, and she told me she could alleviate that scarring by using a combination of laser treatments and injectable fillers. She was right. The laser treatment has been very nice. I’ve heard that sometime, with laser treatments, you peel and look like hell for days, but with Shelly’s treatment, there was just a bit of redness and swelling – I put some ice on it and it went away in a couple of hours. Makeup covers any signs of the treatment while they’re in progress, so they don’t interrupt the functions of your life – you don’t have to take time away from “life” to heal. Shelly explained that was because of the particular laser she uses on scars. There was no down-time from these laser treatments – I’ve had two of them now, with no problems at all. First, she treated the scars across the bridge of my nose with the laser, then with fillers. It’s amazing, after 30 years, what a difference it makes. I’ve also had some filler in my lips – it was quite an experience, it really is. I admit I’d been a bit “freaked out” by a friend’s painful experience – not with Shelly – but before she treated me, Shelly used some numbing cream and a cold roller, and it wasn’t painful at all. As she’d told me what to expect, there was a bit of swelling the next day or two, but it quickly “calms down.” I was afraid I’d look like an “extra” from Planet of the Apes, but there was just a bit of temporary swelling. There was no pain – but my lips were a bit poofy – by that I mean puffy, a bit swollen.
D. O.
Submitted 01/30/18
Kudus to Pure Skin aesthetic & laser center! If you are wondering what a difference skin CO2 Laser Resurfacing can do for ageing skin, I give it a “10” for results. I am 70 and am so impressed with Shelly Botsford NP Pure Skin’s services. The care, knowledge, skin maintenance guidance and follow-up given to me were wonderful. At this age, I wanted specialized professionals and treatments that would make a difference…My skin tone tells the whole story. Thank you, Shelly and Stacey Johnson for helping me to feel good about my skin at any age. I will be back again.
N. J.
Submitted 01/25/18
I initially saw Shelly for a consult. I wasn’t sure what I really wanted or needed, I just knew I looked old and tired! At the end of our conversation I was comfortable with what the plan was. The filler was amazing because I saw the results right away, and the Dysport started working in just a few days. All I can say is wow! Thank you for your patience and helping me look like me again!
J. D.
Submitted 01/16/18
Before the procedure, Shelly explained that this is because water from under my skin was attracted to the treatment, but that water is absorbed within a day or two. Pain and recovery are important – and when I have a treatment with Shelly, I like to take a “me day” the day following the treatment, just in case there’s some swelling. Shelly explained this to me in advance, so I was prepared to give myself a break after a treatment. Lasers give you more of a zing than fillers, but neither one is painful or any real problem. I’ve decided that having a treatment on Thursday, followed by taking Friday off, is the best for me. I’ll be ready to go back to work on Monday, looking better, but with no-one the wiser, and no swelling or bruising at all. Going through the process, I was nervous before-hand, but it wasn’t painful or uncomfortable, not the way I thought it would be. Getting lasers and fillers done hasn’t proved to be a big deal. And with Dysport, you’re in and out, and can go back to work the same day if you want. Before I started, Shelly made it clear that if I had any issues, I should come right back in so she could “touch me up” if I needed that – I didn’t have that option where I had my Botox done, and I appreciated that concern. It’s a relief to know that if you’re not entirely happy with the results, she’ll work with you. Shelly isn’t a one-man band – and everyone at her clinic is awesome to work with. I think highly of those gals – they’re a fun group, and very helpful. The office itself is exactly what I expected – very nice, very comfortable. Shelly’s told me she’s moving to a new and better location in that new business center downtown (insert name here). I’m not surprised that she needs more space – the quality she delivers is sure to attract a loyal following, including me. I think this should be a good move for her – she’ll be able to add staff, and to provide more services.
D. R.
Submitted 01/16/18
I knew Pure Skin was a different type of medispa from the very first appointment. Shelly has assembled an exceptional staff and she offers an impressive variety of treatments that get results, I love that I am confident and relaxed when I meet new people. I recently had SculpSure done on my upper arms, it was either push back against my rapidly developing “bat wings” or live in the realm of short sleeve shirts from this point forward, and I wanted to wear tank tops with confidence again. Savanna did the SculpSure treatment, the pads need to be in direct contact with the skin so they’re held snug on the arm with straps. The pads then alternate hot and cool, there is only slight discomfort during the treatment, about the time the pad begins to feel hot, it switches to cool. Savanna described what she was doing as she set it up and believe me, I peppered her with a LOT of questions. The results are AMAZING. I am so happy Pure Skin documents the transformation with before and after pictures because it’s hard to see change happening slowly over time. I will continue to get results over the next few weeks and have added light weights for muscle tone. For reference I am a 58 year old female of average height and weight.