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Clearsilk Rejuvination


Article from 2011:

Objective assessment of skin rejuvenation using 1064 YAG laser.

Studies have shown that using near-infared (NIR) irradiation provides long-lasting stimulation of elastin, and is efficient for skin rejuvenation. This NIR at Pure Skin is better known as our 1064 Sciton Clear Silk Device.

The 1064 wave length is color blind, and does not mind skin that has darkened with sun exposure. NIR or 1064 wavelength lasers (Clear Silk) have been shown in medically designed studies to increase elastin in the skin; and achieved skin rejuvenation. We know this better as anti-aging. Results indicate that the 1064 laser treatment can provide safe and effective long-term stimulation of elastin, which is beneficial for improving dilated pores, skin texture and wrinkles.

Best outcomes are with a series of treatments; performed two to three weeks apart. Adding Clear Silk Skin Rejuvenation to our menu of services, Pure Skin is offering this face and neck treatment to our patients, as a package of 6. You may also purchase individual treatments for. We believe a series offers better outcomes. We have spent the last several months reviewing medical literature, and are now pleased to offer this to our patients.

Please call Pure Skin at 701/751-4140 for your consultation and discussion of what this treatment can do for you.


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