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Nurse Practitioner, Shelly, Reveals the Best Treatments for Reducing Sun Damage

september 2022 blog

Looking back at your calendar, is it full of weeks spent on the water soaking in the sun (and the subsequent damage that comes with it?) We’ve all been there! Now is the time to get that Pure Skin appointment on the calendar so we can help keep your skin looking young, rejuvenated, and take care of any accumulated sun damage. So how do we do it? Put your shades on because today we’re shedding light on our best treatments for reducing sun damage, straight from the lips of our Owner and NP Shelly Botsford!

Co2 Laser - The summer sun is like a double-edged sword, nothing quite compares to the relaxation and fun that can be had under its rays, but there’s also nothing quite like the intense damage it can do to your skin. For those with more pronounced skin damage, our SmartSkin CO2™ LaserSkinRenewal™ is a beacon of light (and Pure Skin has the only one in all of North Dakota!) The SmartSkin CO2 LaserSkinRenewal is comprised of a fractionated CO2 laser that when applied, targets water molecules within the skin. The interaction of water with the CO2 laser leads to collagen rejuvenation and ultimately, clear, smooth, and tight facial skin on all those sun-drenched areas including our face, décolletage, neck, and hands.

BBL Forever Young™ - For those with the next level down of sun damage, maybe you didn’t spend the summer months like Magda from Something About Mary (who remembers the foil dashboard protector she used?) BUT you still could use some sun damage reversal, BBL Forever Young might be perfect for you! Brown spots, sunspots, moles and melasma don’t stand a chance when it comes to this powerful Sciton® technology. This unique light therapy uses pulsed broadband light to turn back the clock with clearer, smoother, and reduced pigment and vascularity for an overall revitalized appearance – something Magda could have dearly used!

MOXI™ - MOXI is a favorite treatment of ours for more mild indications like uneven skin tone and pigmentation and minor skin texture concerns. This non ablative (targets underlying skin) laser delivers fractionated laser energy to the skin to promote new cell growth and reduce that unwanted pigment. What we love about this treatment is that you can correct uneven pigmentation and improve skin tone and texture without the recovery or downtime associated with more aggressive laser procedures. MOXI is a great introduction procedure into laser resurfacing, as it is a quick treatment at about 10-15 minutes per session where intensity can also vary depending on specific needs. 

HALO™ - When it comes to sun damage, we all know that our face isn’t the only victim! Our hands and chest are often two of the first places sun damage likes to express itself and HALO is here to change that! The HALO Laser is a wonderful modality for an overall tone and texture improvement in addition to significant removal of discoloration, reduction in the appearance of fine lines, reduced pore size, skin reflectivity and glow! And your hands and décolletage deserve to enjoy these benefits just as much as your face does! As the world’s first hybrid fractional laser, HALO delivers both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to the same microscopic treatment zone. This dual-wavelength feature means that you can attain great results with minimal downtime - which makes it a big YES in our book.

Chemical Peels - Chemical peels are like the catch all for those with *any* amount of skin damage - or those just needing some more superficial skin refreshing! We offer three different intensities of chemical peel at Pure Skin and there is NO need to try out the porridge and burn yourself, Goldilocks! We will help guide you to the perfect level of peel for your skins needs whether that is simply a light resurfacing or a major improvement of deeper scars, wrinkles, blotchy skin, and precancerous growths. While they can carry a little downtime, the results (and hype surrounding chemical peels) are 100% worth it and justified!

At the end of the day, what we really want our patients at Pure Skin to remember is that sun damage is preventable! The right skincare products can help protect you and maintain the beautiful results we help you achieve from reversing sun damage, and they’ll save you a bundle at the same time! At Pure Skin, we are here for you no matter your skins condition with discrete one-on-one consultations without an ounce of judgement. Ready to see the results you can achieve with a custom skin treatment plan at Pure Skin? We’re simply a phone call away! 701-751-4140

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