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What is Sculptra Aesthetic?

Sculptra Aesthetic, or poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), is the only volumizer scientifically designed to stimulate natural collagen production with results that can last more than 2 years. Around age 30, our collagen loss begins. Collagen acts as a support structure for your skin, providing overall volume and giving shape to your face keeping it smooth, hydrated and lifted. Sculptra addresses the underlying cause of facial aging, not just the symptoms.

Sculptra Aesthetic is different than other dermal fillers because it gradually and subtly corrects facial wrinkles and facial sagging over time. This can provide a refined, more youthful looking appearance with long term results. Sculptra is injected within the deep dermis, so your skin's structure is reinforced as Sculptra replaces lost collagen. This reinforced collagen structure provides a lovely foundation; gradually smoothing your shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds and replacing facial volume that has been depleted over time.

Results of Sculptra appear gradually over the treatment regimen. On average, three to five sessions are needed, typically one vial per month until the series is completed. The number of injection sessions and the quantity of injections per session vary from patient to patient. At Pure Skin we are very experienced with the correct placement of Sculptra and the nuances of this particular product, as always experience matters for the best outcome!