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Experiencing poor hair health? Visit Pure Skin Aesthetic for more info on Nutrafol and how it can help you address your root cause without side effects!

Nutrafol uses the latest biotechnology to extract the most potent, bioactive part of the botanical ingredients. These nutraceuticals are standardized, bio-optimized, and clinically tested to work together to address the root causes of poor hair health (including stress, hormonal imbalances, aging, DHT, and inflammation) without causing side effects.

The Nutrafol timeline to see benefits:

  • Month 1-2: Reduction in hair loss, improved hair quality, and thickness. Great side benefits include reduced stress and improved skin health.
  • Months 3-6: Continued improvement and new hair growth!
  • Months 6+: New hair growth fills in thinning areas


Package of 3 Nutrafol = 10% off

Hair Restoration Club = $20 off a bottle