Bare It All with Our Revolutionary New Laser, BareIt™!


Hormones, genetics, lifestyle and more all play a factor in our quantity, texture, and color of body hair. But, what they don’t play a role in (anymore) is hair reduction efficacy and how many sessions you’ll need when it comes time to think about hair removal! At Pure Skin, we’re proud to announce that we are the first and only provider in North Dakota to offer the BareIt Laser by Sciton® that provides incredible results on any skin type, any part of the body, ANY time of year! 

What Makes BareIt Different? The BareIt Laser simultaneously delivers three wavelengths for highly effective treatment of varying hair depths, which means you’ll get the laser hair reduction results you’re looking for, fast! What also makes this laser unique is that it allows for deeper penetration and low impact on skin melanin so we can safely and effectively treat dark and tanned skin no matter the time of year! Freshly tanned from your Hawaiian vacation or still rocking the pale look during the colder months? No problem! BareIt is the perfect option for laser hair reduction no matter your tan status!

Are BareIt Treatments Painful? One of the features we love most about this advanced treatment is that it is completely customizable to your needs! We input into the machine information about your skin tone and hair texture, and we are also able to select treatment modes from either Speed or Comfort – depending on your personal preference. With either setting, you will still experience an effective and comfortable treatment with a cooling effect from the laser’s constant contact crystal to ensure your utmost comfort during sessions.

Where Can BareIt Remove Hair? Ready for the best news yet? BareIt can remove hair on ANY area of the body! Most of us immediately think of the underarms and bikini area when we think laser hair redeuction, but with BareIt, SO much more is possible!

Does your husband have coarse, curly chest hair to tame? What about unsightly back and neck hair? Is your arm hair starting to get a little excessive with age? With BareIt, all of these areas and more are easily treatable, and we can get you on your way to smooth, hair free skin in no time!

As the only provider of BareIt in North Dakota, our appointments are filling up fast! We truly pride ourselves on offering our patients state of the art technology coupled with our knowledgeable and experienced medical providers, because we all know there’s no substitute for experience and advanced training in the world of medical aesthetics! Ready to get started on your hair reduction journey? We’re ready, too! Call us for your consultation, where we’ll talk about your goals and give you a timeline for treatment, we can’t wait to hear from you!


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