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The 3 Most Popular Areas to Get Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction is the way many of our beloved Pure Skin patients first step into our doors and into the world of aesthetics - and we can understand why! Natural hair growth and changes in hormone levels throughout our lives leaves us with hair in undesirable places, which means unsightly razor burn, ingrown hairs, cysts, and the constant routine of waxing/shaving that none of us want to bother with. In the spirit of making our lives easier (read: hair free!), today we’re featuring our top three most popular areas for laser hair reduction and we’re giving you a little insight on what the process looks like at Pure Skin!

Upper Lip and Chin - Let’s be real - things change quickly as we age! Hormones fluctuate, and with that, we women notice many changes, one of which being an increase in the growth of facial hair. Because none of us want to start looking like Santa come Christmas time, the facial area (namely the upper lip and chin) are very popular areas for laser hair reduction! This is also a popular area for those with darker body hair, and works wonders at giving a more youthful, feminine look, and better yet, it also means that makeup and skincare products will glide on so much smoother! At Pure Skin, we use the Icon™ Aesthetic System by Cynosure®. The Icon laser is a fast, simple approach to permanent hair reduction that’s FDA-cleared and works by targeting your hair follicles to permanently inhibit hair growth without damaging your skin.

Brazilian - For hair removal in the more delicate areas, laser hair reduction is the obvious answer. The Brazilian bikini area—which includes the entire bikini area, and between the buttocks (including the perirectal area) can solve the complicated issue of reaching around with razors to catch every last stray hair. Did we also mention the relief of not having to deal with ingrown hairs in this area? While we do also offer laser hair reduction in the standard bikini area, many of our patients opt for the full Brazilian treatment. Anyone who has waxed this area knows it can be quite painful, but that’s another thing we love about laser hair reduction! It’s typically painless to a slight level of pain.

Under Arms - This is probably our most popular area for laser hair reduction treatment (and the first place we start to shave as puberty sets in!) Repeatedly shaving the underarms makes this area prone to ingrown hairs, cysts, and razor burn - and if you’ve been shaving long enough, you’ve probably experienced all three! Laser hair reduction treatment on the underarm area will give you the confidence to raise your arms without having that awkward “I forgot to shave moment” ever again! The trick with scheduling your laser hair reduction treatment is to treat the right type of hair, at the right time. Our body hair grows in cycles, so it’s important to treat our hair while it’s in the growth phase. We’ve found the magic number to be 6 total treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, but your laser hair reduction specialist at Pure Skin will be sure to schedule you at the right time to get you the best results.

Have you been waiting to treat yourself to the luxury of NEVER shaving again? Join the millions of women and men who have elected to do this quick, safe, and effective treatment and you’ll be hair free and carefree before you know it! Call us today and we’ll get you in for your initial laser hair reduction treatment with our experienced skincare professionals at Pure Skin! 701.751.4140

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