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Pure Skin Aesthetic & Laser Center is pleased to announce a new Platelet Collection System for our Hair Restoration and Joint Injection services.

Pure Skin Aesthetic & Laser Center has always strived to bring the best technology and practices to our patients, and our PRP services are no different. We spent a significant amount of time looking at the best systems for PRP collection in a clinic setting.

Our efforts have brought us to offer EmCyte. Our hair restoration, joint, and trigger point injection services require a greater concentration of platelets. EmCyte delivers this with 4 to 7 times the baseline amount in whole blood depending on the protocol we are pursuing. The EmCyte system allows for 80-90% recovery of platelets. The EmCyte system is completely closed during all steps of processing. It is never open to the outside air. EmCyte PRP processing kits use sodium citrate to preserve platelet viability and provide the highest yield.

The new EmCyte system allows Pure Skin to offer greater flexibility in platelet concentration, the volume of PRP, and how red and white blood cells are collected. The reduction of red blood cells in the PRP sample helps decrease post-injection flare. This will also reduce the chance of inflammation at the injection site. The EmCyte system allows for a higher monocyte concentration. These are non-inflammatory cells that serve a role in tissue healing and release pro-regenerative growth factors.

Pure Skin Aesthetic & Laser Center is pleased to bring this new technology to Bismarck, and feel that our patients will benefit greatly from these efforts.