All About the Eyes: Here is What You Can Do to Refresh Your Eye Area!

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In the world of cosmetic aesthetics, there is a big emphasis on the eye area, and it makes sense! Your eyes are a major focal point (no pun intended!) of your appearance and aging along with the subsequent loss of collagen often leaves us with deep-set wrinkles, hollowing under the eyes, and overall skin laxity. When it comes time to talk about treatment, you’ll find enough eye creams for every day of the month, eye de-puffing globes/rollers, eye masks, and the like, and while these are fun to try out - they won’t (and were never intended to) actually solve our biggest eye concerns. So what treatments are up to the task? It’s a question we get often at Pure Skin and today we’re highlighting our top treatments to refresh your eye area!

Toxin for the Eyes - The skin around the eyes is thinner, more delicate, and drier, lending it to the perils of Father Time. One of the main concerns we hear from our patients is fine lines and wrinkles (we’re looking at you, crow’s feet!) and we utilize one of our most beloved treatments to relax these fine lines - toxin! Most begin their journey into cosmetic aesthetics with BOTOX® Cosmetic , DYSPORT®, or XEOMIN® and these are the exact modalities we love for knocking out those stubborn crow’s feet! These toxins help to restrict movement of the muscles that cause wrinkles, softening and smoothing out skin texture and actually preventing future wrinkles from taking hold!

Undereye Filler - You can buy all the eye creams in the world, but nothing will fill in the undereye shadows where collagen has depleted as the filler will! Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are comprised of a wonder substance naturally occurring in your body and used to restore loss of volume by gently filling in under-eye hollowing to bring back that youthful plump we all love. Sunken tear troughs can also cause shadows that mimic that dark under eye circles and filler is the perfect go-to (lasting around 9-12 months) with very little downtime, and very little expense when compared to more invasive surgeries and procedures!

PRP Microneedling - Did you know that Microneedling with your own platelet-rich plasma also works wonders in the eye area? When treating the tear trough and the hollows of the under eyes, this treatment stimulates collagen and pulls our body's growth factors into that area of thin skin, helping to ramp up the production of collagen and naturally even out the skin tone and texture around our eyes as it heals. Our Nurse Practitioner Shelly typically suggests one PRP microneedling treatment per month for a total of 2 to 3 for best results that can turn back the hands of time.

Profractional Laser – Your eyes are as front and center as it gets, and the Profractional Laser is one of our absolute favorites for giving the delicate skin around the eyes a renewed, refreshed glow. This laser stimulates the growth of new collagen by zapping away wrinkles, uneven skin tone, enlarged pores, and more via a hybrid fractional laser. What we love about this treatment is that it continues its effects over several months post-treatment for improved reflectivity and an overall youthful glow.

Not sure which treatments are right for your undereye concerns? Don’t leave your results up to chance, scheduling a consultation will help you get your desired results and take the guesswork out of your undereye rejuvenation journey.

Once your eyes are refreshed, renewed, and mimicking your best years - it’s important to maintain your results by using medical-grade eye cream. Want to take it a step further? Enhance your eyes with LATISSE®! Your gorgeous new longer, fuller, and darker lashes will complete your look for the perfect finishing touch (full results take about 12 weeks)!

 Let’s put your eyes back where they belong - front and center, no big sunglasses needed! Call us today for your personalized one-on-one consultation with our team of anti-aging experts, we can’t wait to help you get started! 701-751-4140


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