4 Key Benefits of Micro-Needling

October is here! It’s time for all things spooky and to keep with the theme of Halloween, we’re talking about the key benefits of micro-needling with PRP this month! You may have heard them referred to as Vampire Facials by the many celebrities who often receive this treatment (we’re looking at you, Kim K!), but there’s nothing scary about the many benefits of your own platelet-rich plasma injected via micro-injuries in the skin, also known as micro-needling.

Micro-needling with PRP is a minimally invasive, quick procedure that involves drawing blood from a patients’ arm, spinning down the blood to separate out the platelet-rich plasma and reinjecting this liquid gold directly into the skin via micro-needling. Platelet-rich plasma plays a major role in the body’s natural healing process, so concentrating it and gently reintroducing it to facial skin has numerous benefits for all skin types.

Improves Fine Lines and Wrinkles

For anyone over the age of 25, we can all agree that improving fine lines and wrinkles is at the top of our list of skincare wants and needs. Micro-needling with PRP does just that, along with improving tone and texture and tightening sagging skin. By stimulating the growth of collagen and elastin, PRP kicks the body’s natural healing process into overdrive and encourages the restoring of volume and the tightening of tissues, which in turn, leaves you with smooth, beautiful skin.

Corrects Dyspigmentation

Many women and men find themselves with an increase in brown/aging spots after summertime, especially here in Bismarck, and wonder what they can do to get back to their pre-summer skin tone. Many are thrilled to find that micro-needling with PRP is great for correcting depigmentation! Platelet-rich plasma is often used in dermatology for treating chronic wounds, ulcers, and burns… so correcting depigmentation is no problem for this plasma powerhouse. Many patients notice regression of melasma and other pigmentation issues within 2-3 days of the first treatments and more dramatic results after three treatments. 

Clears Up Scarring

If suffering from acne isn’t enough of a burden, many deal with facial scarring afterward, including unsightly pockmarks and hyperpigmentation. To make matters worse, as we age the scars are exaggerated due to loss of collagen. This is just another reason we LOVE micro-needling with PRP… it works wonders on facial scarring! Not only does it help clear up pesky acne scars, but it can also reduce large, visible pores and can even be used on other parts of the body to treat stretch marks, hair loss, joint pain and more! 

Fills Under-Eye Hollowing 

Although Halloween is nearing, no one wants the look of hallowing under the eyes after the 31, if ever. PRP therapy has shown to work beautifully in under-eye hallowing by restoring volume through regeneration and the tightening of tissues. In more severe cases, micro-needling with PRP coupled with deep dermal fillers like Restylane®, Belotero®, and Sculptra® works wonders in providing an instant lift, while the PRP provides the slow and steady permanent regeneration. 

Moral of the story? If there’s a question, micro-needling with PRP is likely the answer. From restoring hair loss, to joint pain and overall facial improvement, PRP therapy really does it all. Questions about what PRP therapy can do for your skin? Call us at (701) 343-9122… we’d love to chat about your skincare goals.

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