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Botox: Why it's Still the Leading Medically Administered Cosmetic Treatment

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Botox® Cosmetic treatments are, by an incredibly large margin, the most popular cosmetic service requested in the United States.

The most popular cosmetic surgery — breast augmentation — had just over 300,000 procedures performed in 2017. Dermal fillers were the second leading minimally invasive procedure, with over 2.5 million treatments given. Botox Cosmetic and similar botulinum toxin treatments accounted for 7.23 million procedures, almost half of all minimally invasive services rendered through the year.

There are good reasons for the popularity of Botox Cosmetic, the most-used botulinum toxin type A formulation, with no signs of its popularity declining. Here are some of the reasons why it remains the leading medically administered treatment in America.

Botox is safe

Anyone who is put off by the fact that Botox is derived from a powerful natural poison should remember that every substance is toxic, even water, when administered at toxic levels.

Botox has an incredibly miniscule dilution of the botulinum toxin, enough to temporarily paralyze the muscle tissue surrounding its injection site, but not enough to threaten your health. It’s been used safely and successfully millions of times since its Food and Drug Administration approval for cosmetic uses in 2002.

Botox is effective

Some facial lines and wrinkles are due to the contracted musculature under your skin. In particular, the worry lines on your brow and crow’s feet beside your eyes are the most prominent of these.

A carefully researched series of Botox injections causes the culprit muscles to relax without interfering with your ability to form expressions. Over an effective after-treatment period that typically lasts six months or more, these muscles remain relaxed and the overlying skin smooths, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Botox is fast

Unlike cosmetic treatments that require recovery time or long appointments, Botox is truly a lunchtime facial procedure. You can schedule an appointment with Pure Skin Aesthetic & Laser Center for Botox injections and head immediately back to your regular daily activities. The injections take just minutes and use a fine needle that creates only a tiny pinch sensation and very little bleeding, which usually stops immediately.

Botox is preventive

The median age of those seeking Botox Cosmetic treatments is getting younger. The contractions that cause active facial wrinkles begin naturally as you get older, the product of years of semipermanent muscle tension. A new market of clients looks to Botox treatments in a preventive way. If these expression muscles aren’t subject to tension contractions at a young age, they won’t become semipermanent until even later in life.

There’s no question that the popularity of Botox Cosmetic is well-earned. If you’re seeking a provider in the Bismarck area, call or click to arrange a treatment with the aesthetic professionals at Pure Skin Aesthetic & Laser Center today.

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