Under-Eye Treatments

Just like in the superhero movies, many good forces must come together to defeat evil - and it’s no different when it comes to targeting the perils of the aging under-eye area! At Pure Skin, we love using multiple modalities to get the best possible results for rejuvenating and refreshing the under-eye area, and today we’re spilling the tea on the best ways to bring that youthful look back to your delicate eye area.

Lasers - One of the best lasers for the eye area is without a doubt the ProFractional™ Laser available at Pure Skin. This laser makes microscopic fractional channels in the skin while leaving the surrounding skin intact. This signals the body’s natural healing response, and thus increases collagen production in the skin. This results in a dramatic improvement in wrinkles, sun damage, scars, and gives an overall tightening effect that helps to lift and smooth the under-eye area gently and effectively.

Fillers - While lasers can help significantly improve tightening of the under-eye area, some experience such a dramatic loss of volume that they’re left with a sunken, dark trough under the eye. For these patients, we turn to our most delicate fillers including Restylane® Refyne™ and Belotero® to gently plump and add back missing volume and cover dark under-eye circles. We also love to utilize Dysport® and BOTOX® for treatment of the crow’s feet lines on the sides of the eyes, for a smoother, bright-eyed, younger looking appearance.

Topical Creams - Finally, for those with milder skin concerns (or as a follow up to laser and filler treatment) we carry multiple topical eye creams  that specifically target the signs of aging, in rich, yet gentle formulas designed for the eye area. Our Phyto5® Eye Cream helps to balance puffiness and dark circles to create a smooth, firm, healthy look around the eyes. It contains a proprietary blend of birch leaf, nettle, sage, and milfoil, which stimulates circulation around the eyes necessary for brightness and smoothness as well as tormentil and horsetail extracts, jojoba oil and shea nut butter to revitalize, moisturize, protect and heal. Next, our Pure Skin All Trans Retinol Eye Cream, designed exclusively for Pure Skin patients, helps to gently exfoliate, target fine lines and wrinkles, tighten skin and add moisture to this delicate area to help reverse the effects of aging while also preventing the onset of additional signs of aging. It is formulated with all-trans retinol and 90% green tea polyphenols which makes it ultra moisturizing, firming, and it alleviates puffiness and dark circles. We also recommend the NeoCutis® LUMIÈRE® Eye Cream, winner of the 2020 InStyle Best Beauty Buys Award, for its high content of growth factors which helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet and under-eye darkness. It also helps to minimize the look of skin puffiness with caffeine and hydrates and refreshes the delicate eye area with Bisabolol, a skin-conditioning agent found in Chamomile Extract.

Just like Superman can’t catch villains in webs like his fellow superhero Spiderman can, no one treatment can come to the rescue of all under-eye skin concerns. Call us today for your comprehensive consultation at Pure Skin where we’ll take the necessary time to hear your concerns and work together to find the perfect combination of treatments to bring your under-eye skin dreams to life. You can reach our friendly, knowledgeable staff at: 701.751.4140

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