The 3 Things You Can Do to Lighten the Impact of Menopause

It’s Women’s Health Month and a good reminder to bring your focus inward. When was the last time you prioritized your health? What about your aesthetic? We women often spend so much time caring for others that we find our own health and wellness on the back burner. Today we’re aiming to get you inspired with three things you can do to lighten the impact of menopause, because when your cup is replenished, you can pour from it much more easily. 

Nutrafol® - Anyone who has embarked on their journey into menopause knows that one of the more unpleasant side effects is hair loss, thinning and a major slowdown in the growth of hair. The sharp drop in estrogen and progesterone is responsible for this and it can be one of the most frustrating signs of aging, but not anymore! Nutrafol is a non-drug supplement for thinning hair and also aids in hair growth and shine. In a randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study, those who had a daily intake of Nutrafol saw a progressive and significant increase in terminal and total hair count and also noted that hair shedding decreased by over 30%! With Nutrafol, we can help you address your root cause without side effects!

diVa® - Those post-menopausal years bring a variety of changes to your body that can be surprising and downright overwhelming. One of the most common complaints women have in life during and after menopause is the declining health of their vagina. We love to introduce those patients to the incredible diVa Laser Treatment!  diVa will trigger your body to start ramping up its collagen production, which in turn will leave you with a significant improvement in vaginal tissue strength and tone. Not only that, but natural lubrication will also increase, especially during sex, and as a result you’ll notice a reduction in vaginal dryness and itching. What we also love about diVa is that while it strengthens the vaginal tissue, it will also help support the bladder, resulting in a lowered frequency of embarrassing urine leaks. Maximum diVa  results are usually achieved after a series of treatments, typically scheduled a month apart. When you reach optimal results, you can expect them to last up to a year and Shelly Botsford NP can also schedule follow up treatments to help you maintain your vaginal health moving forward. To learn more about what the diVa treatment entails, [link] visit this link.

BBL Forever Young™: Now on to your most obvious indicator of menopause and aging, your face! Menopause brings with it that dreaded drop in collagen production and your face is where you may notice this the most. Your skin’s elasticity will take a dip and you may lose some fat under your skin causing sagging. For these concerns, we often turn to one of our favorite revolutionary light systems, BBL Forever Young! This treatment targets skin imperfections at a molecular level, improving signs of aging and skin damage for a younger, smoother and more radiant complexion. This system also has a SkinTyte™ component that helps to tighten and tone that elastic skin resulting from menopause, leaving you with that firmer, dreamy skin of your youth. We recommend a series of BBL Forever Young treatments and are happy to meet on a one-on-one basis to determine your needs.

Menopause can be a less than celebratory phase of life, but with proper self-care it doesn’t have to be! Stay on top of the aging process and give yourself the care and attention you deserve. Call us today and we’ll set up a discrete one on one consultation to discuss your menopause concerns: 701.751.4140.

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