Aesthetic Provider Credentials and Training: Why It Matters

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to aesthetic treatments is finding a truly qualified aesthetic provider. While different providers might tempt you with their attractive offices or ultra-discounted offers, we’re here to tell you why finding a highly trained and credentialed aesthetic provider really matters and how to do your due diligence when it comes time to search.

Check Credentials: Your aesthetic providers' credentials are as important as you’d think they are (read: very important). There’s no weekend class or crash course that can be taken to give a provider the thorough education and years of experience our providers at Pure Skin offer. We are proud to operate under the direction of our board-certified [link] nurse practitioner Shelly Botsford [] who also boasts a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in nursing from the University of Mary in Bismarck. Through her post-graduate training, Shelly became certified in laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, injectables, and dermal fillers as well as sclerotherapy, a medical procedure for removing spider veins.

Shelly’s highly experienced team is comprised of registered nurses, medical aestheticians, certified nursing assistants, and medical assistants who are all trained and certified in a variety of procedures to deliver the most advanced techniques in a safe, comfortable environment. Registered Nurse, Hannah Boyko, joined the Pure Skin team back in 2019 after graduating from Arizona State University with her BSN and earning her certificate in advanced injectables from the National Laser Institute. Hannah further enhanced her skills by working as an aesthetic injector for over five years and we’re proud to offer her services right here in Bismarck, North Dakota. We are also lucky to offer the expertise of Dr. John Botsford at Pure Skin, a practicing physician in the Bismarck area since 1993. Dr. Botsford attended the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and offers a number of services to our patients including [link] PRP joint and trigger point injections [], PRP hair restoration, lesion removal, Ultherapy® and laser skin resurfacing.

Check Training: Have you heard of the saying, “you’re not paying for the injection, you’re paying for the INJECTOR?” You can use this quote and insert just about any aesthetic service and it still rings true. The credentials, training and experience are what you’re really spending on when you elect for any given aesthetic treatment. At Pure Skin, all staff is trained on our offerings on a yearly basis and has extensive knowledge on how to use our lasers, [link] injectables [] and more to achieve optimal desired results with your utmost safety in mind. When it comes to injections, you may be surprised to learn that in some cases your results rely less on your preferred neurotoxin or filler and more on the knowledge, experience, and hand skills of your injector.

Check Reviews: While checking credentials and training are important first steps when finding the right provider, reviews can also be a very helpful indicator! Reviews can not only cue you 

into the quality of work to be expected, but also can give you a sense of how the provider treats their patients and even open your eyes to treatments that you may not have initially considered. Here at Pure Skin, we proudly boast a 5-star rating online out of over 100 reviews, and we are so appreciative of our clients and the kind words they’ve shared about their experiences at Pure Skin. To read more of our reviews and get a better idea of what you can expect at Pure Skin, [link] click here [].

With the incredible rise in popularity of injectables, laser services and aesthetics in general, you may find that you now run into offerings at hair salons, clothing boutiques and even your girlfriends living room! While it’s possible that skilled providers could take their business out of the office, that’s not always the case. Medical grade devices and [link] injectables [] in the hands of an administer that lacks training, credentials and experience can lead to unwanted side effects, undesirable results and more out of pocket expense on correctional procedures. . . and they can be dangerous. That’s why we always recommend doing your due diligence, and did we mention we offer free consultations on almost all services at Pure Skin? Call today to schedule your consult, we’d love to answer your questions and elaborate on our qualifications in person in our beautiful Bismarck Aesthetic Practice: 701.751.4140

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