Your 3 Most FAQ About Laser Hair Removal Answered


It’s been a mere 48 (maybe only 24) hours since you last shaved and you’re already starting to feel the stubble creep back in. The woes of constantly shaving, not to mention those tiny dark hairs and razor burn, seem to be an endless cycle of frustration. . . but they don’t have to be! Today we’re spelling out the details on laser hair removal at Pure Skin in Bismarck, our most frequently asked questions and why fall is the perfect time to get started on treatment and your journey towards soft, smooth, hair free skin!

How long does it take to see results? Most patients will start to see a reduction in hair after just one treatment, and the results become increasingly apparent after subsequent treatment. This does often depend on skin color, hair color and the area being treated but rest assured that with the Sciton 1064 Scanner we use at Pure Skin, ALL skin colors and most all hair colors can be effectively removed!

Does it hurt? Full disclosure — laser hair removal can hurt a little, and that usually varies on your pain tolerance. Many patients liken the sensation to that of a rubber band being snapped. . . but the feeling is very temporary and depends on the sensitivity of the area being treated. We also offer topical numbing cream upon request to minimize any discomfort and while you may feel like you have a mild sunburn for a day or two afterwards, you may resume normal activities immediately after your appointment.

Does the hair grow back? The hair eventually can return to some degree as your body goes through normal hormonal changes that can stimulate the growth of new follicles. While this mostly rings true for areas like the face, it can appear on other areas. . . but in the event that this happens to you, it can most often be treated with yearly touch up laser treatments.


Laser hair removal is easier than ever and making it to the end of the year is reason enough to treat yourself to the luxury of smooth, soft skin that’s free of razor burn, cuts and irritation. Fall is the perfect time to begin your laser hair removal treatments because since you’ll already be cozying up in pants and sweaters, you’ll be able to reveal your hair free skin come spring without missing out on those days in sleeveless tops in the sun. Any questions still unanswered? At Pure Skin, we offer consultations so we can give you an idea on results you can expect and qualifications for treatment. Don’t hesitate to call, we’d love to chat laser hair removal with you! Our friendly staff can be reached at (701) 751 - 4140.



Disclaimer: The term laser is often used interchangeably for hair removal, the device is actually a heat destruction of the hair follicle using intense pulsed light or broad band Light - and pure skin has these PLUS we have the 1064 laser which is only operated by Nurse Practitioner Shelly Botsford or Dr. Botsford (state law).

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