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Dr. Botsford's Favorite Summer Treatment

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Sweet summertime has arrived and if you’re anything like us, that means spending as much time as possible on the lake, at backyard BBQs and exploring all that the Bismarck area has to offer. Think you don’t have time for skin procedures during this sun-drenched time of year? Think again! Today we’re diving into Dr. Botsford’s favorite summertime treatment, tailored specifically towards your sensitive summertime skin for maximum results, without the downtime!

Ultherapy® Glow - The Ultherapy we know and love targets our lower levels of the dermis (between 4.5 mm and 3 mm), but our newest protocol, Ultherapy Glow targets our more superficial layers of the dermis (1.5 mm) for improvement in tone and texture of our thinner, more delicate areas of the face. For those looking for an immediate improvement during the summer months (without any downtime), Ultherapy Glow makes for the perfect warm weather treatment! These lower levels of focused heat to the underlying tissue stimulates collagen production and tighten skin even in the thinnest, most delicate places of the face - including the eyes and lip area. Nearly anyone can benefit from Ultherapy Glow, and if you are just starting to notice the signs of aging creep up on you, this makes for a wonderful preventative treatment to keep your body’s collagen production stimulated and growing.

So, what kind of results can you expect? Ultherapy Glow is a quick solution to fine lines, surface wrinkles, and sagging skin - making it the perfect dose for a radiant appearance. Post-treatment, you will also notice an improvement in skin texture, pore size, and horizontal lines on the neck. While initial results will be visible immediately, full results will show about 2-3 months post-treatment, with improvement for up to 6 months after. After treatment with Ultherapy Glow, the skin will appear flushed but often subsides within just a few hours. You can expect to enjoy your refreshed glow for the next 12-15 months to come as skin memory is restored and connective tissue is tightened.

ClearSilk 1064 Laser - If you know anything about us at Pure Skin, then you know we love to use our wide array of modalities to give you the absolute best results possible! That’s why we love adding the ClearSilk 1064 Laser as the cherry on top of our Ultherapy Glow treatment! Where Glow is stimulating our beloved collagen production, the ClearSilk 1064 Laser will work to stimulate elastin long-term for improving dilated pores, skin texture, and wrinkles by heating the upper layers of the skin in an easy lunchtime procedure. These two treatments paired together are very effective towards the firming of wrinkles and crepey skin with absolutely NO downtime! During treatment, we find we only need to use topical numbing cream and most patients find the treatments very tolerable and easy. Who says you need invasive skin treatments with long downtimes to trigger skin cell regeneration and achieve gorgeous summer skin? Dr. Botsford’s Summer Skin Treatment favs are the perfect regimen for nearly anyone no matter your skin goals! 

Don’t let the summer months stall you in your efforts to achieve (and maintain!) beautiful skin. While this isn’t a time for invasive skin procedures that carry heavy downtimes, it IS a great time to keep your skin triggered in its collagen and elastin production and turning over fresh new skin cells, while you keep the medical-grade SPF and large-brimmed hats flowing! Call us today to start with your skin consultation and we’ll even help you create a custom summer-skin-approved daily skincare routine, we’re just a call away: 701-751-4140

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