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The 3 Skincare Products Our Nurse Practitioner Won’t Go Without

While the world of medical-grade skincare can be overwhelming, we were lucky enough to catch a bit of time with Pure Skin’s nurse practitioner Shelly to hear about her favorite skincare products she won’t go without.

Throughout her years as an aesthetic nurse practitioner and injector, she’s had the opportunity to test and research MANY medical-grade skincare products (the good, the bad and the over promise and underdeliver types, believe us!) and today she’s sharing her top three with us that you’ll never find her without:

  1. The new Bio Serum Firm from NeoCutis®. This supercharged anti-aging serum is more than just a serum—it’s a combination of NeoCutis’ much loved proprietary peptides and human growth factors with a dynamic blend of supportive ingredients. The Bio Serum Firm supports collagen, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and redefines the look of facial contours in as little as 6 days, with continued improvement through 8 weeks of use. Shelly tells us, “It has an anti-aging formula that helps with my fine lines and I see a difference in tone and brightness . . .” and throughout her years working in dermatology and aesthetics, it’s from a line of products that she’s seen work time and time again.
  2. theraderm® Anti-Aging Lip Complex “. . . a must for dry winter lips with avocado oil and NO petroleum!”, says Shelly. Why no petroleum, you ask? Petroleum-based products are made from oil industry byproducts, and while they might make your lips feel soft in the short-term, they actually seal off your lips from air and moisture and ultimately leave them drier. Enter therderm’s Lip Complex! It increases lip volume without unpleasant stinging, reduces the appearance of lip bleed lines, enhances the effects of professional dermal fillers and helps prevent lipstick feathering. The perfect product to keep your pout supple, hydrated and free of signs of aging.
  3. The "Blue Juice" Pure Skin B5 Hydrating Serum. Did you know, Pure Skin has its own line of skincare? Shelly has taken her vast experience teaching and practicing as a registered nurse practitioner and has created a highly effective line of medical-grade skincare alongside her husband, Dr. John Botsford. Shelly tells us, “This hydrating B5 serum is a daily essential for added hydration alone or mixed in with moisturizer for a boost.” The “Blue Juice” Shelly is referring to is just that, a blue-hued power-packed serum that quenches dehydrated skin to impart a supple, smooth complexion. This blue magic also visibly reduces the signs of aging with a nourishing blend of antioxidants and humectants and she’s so proud to offer it exclusively at Pure Skin Aesthetic & Laser Center.

Now that you’ve learned about our nurse practitioner Shelly’s three favorite skincare products, don’t let your skincare education stop there! Make a skin consultation appointment with Shelly today and put her years of skincare knowledge to work for you in creating the skin of your dreams. Give us a call at 701-751-4140, we’d love to see you glow!

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