Three Skin Treatments Safe for Summer Fun

Three Skin Treatments

Summer is HERE and while we’re excited about the summer fun that can be found in and around the beautiful Bismarck area – what really excites us is helping our gorgeous clients shift their skincare routine to summer safe options that keep skin challenged, glowing and radiant! Today we’re focusing on some of our favorite sun-friendly skin treatments because while you may be letting your hair down and indulging in all summer has to offer - it couldn’t be easier to keep your skin happy and healthy this time of year! 

Ultherapy - You may already know about Ultherapy’s incredible collagen-stimulating powers that work to counteract signs of aging including drooping of the brow area, wrinkles, and overall skin sagging - but did you know that this treatment is one of few that is considered “color blind”? What we mean by this is that Ultherapy carries NO downtime, even if you have a sun-kissed glow from those Bismarck rays, you can still get the treatment and enjoy all the benefits of this non-invasive facelift that lasts up to TWO years! Ultherapy works by using high-frequency sound waves that result in tightening and lifting the of the underlying facial muscles for a jump start on your body’s collagen production that continues to improve two to three months post-treatment.

Dermal Infusion – Has it been a while since your skin has gotten a deep cleaning? Think your sensitive skin can’t handle an in-office skin-resurfacing treatment? Think again! SilkPeel® Dermal Infusion® Treatments are a patented, non-invasive treatment, fully customizable for any skin type! This gentle, rejuvenating treatment combines exfoliation, extraction, and infusion of condition-specific serums to improve skin health, function, and appearance. Not only does Dermal Infusion improve radiance while refreshing and reviving skin, it also volumizes skin by up to 70%, visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulates healthy cell renewal turnover. If your skin has started to look a little dull, we highly recommend this treatment (and for best results – on a monthly basis!) 

Facials - Possibly one of the most underrated treatments of all - consistent facials! Our facials can be tailored to any skin type and concern read: acne-prone skin, dull, dry, oily, sun spotted, you name it! Our experienced estheticians will take the time to hear your concerns, analyze your skin and make sure your facial treatments at Pure Skin are customized to your skin’s specific needs. Not to mention, they are relaxing and will help your skin better absorb those yummy medical-grade skincare goodies you are treating your skin to. 

Medical Grade Skincare - Targeted treatments will always give you the quickest, most obvious results, but this is not to discredit the importance of a consistent skincare routine! Maintaining a regular routine of medical-grade essentials like vitamin C serum, moisturizer and sunscreen not only helps to defend against the various stressors you encounter on a daily basis, but they also help to prevent future sun damage! The better shape you can keep your skin in, the less you’ll spend on treatments, and the younger you will look!

Now that you know some of our favorite skin treatments to frequent during the summer months, we encourage you to come in for a consultation! We’ll help you easily switch up your winter/spring skincare routine and integrate your summer skin routine into your summer schedule so you can enjoy all these warm months have to offer and still keep your skin looking its best. Call us today for your consultation! 701-751-4140

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