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Why We Love Sculptra®: It Will Take Years Off Your Appearance


No matter how good you’ve been with your skincare routine or slathering on your SPF before heading out for the day, no one is immune to the effects of gravity. Sooner or later all of us have to face the inevitable descent of the jowls, cheeks, and temples that come from a decrease in estrogen as we age - resulting in a gradual reduction in the production of collagen. But this doesn’t mean you have to take the effects of aging sitting down! Today we’re here to pull back the curtain on one of our FAVORITE remedies for the inevitable effects of gravity we all face as we age – Sculptra Aesthetic!

How It Works: Post consultation, when we’ve agreed on a plan forward with Sculptra, we’ll meet for your appointment where our skilled injectors will mix your Sculptra vial with lidocaine and sterile saline to ensure the utmost comfort during injection. We’ll then go to work targeting those areas where we see the more dramatic sagging and flattening of the face, like the jowls, temples, mid-cheek region, and any other obvious depressions. Once injected, the poly-L-lactic acid in Sculptra will expand slowly over time, and you’ll start to see results over the coming weeks with full results over the process of around six weeks.

What you Can Expect: What we really love about Sculptra is how truly natural the results are, one of the reasons we love to call it our “North Dakota Drug” is because while no one can tell what you’ve gotten done, there is no denying how young and refreshed you’ll look! This isn’t a treatment that will leave you with a golf ball-sized shape in your cheek area, Sculptra will give you that natural-looking lift and pull back that you’d otherwise only see in an invasive facelift procedure! Even better, there is essentially NO downtime with Sculptra! You may experience mild bruising and swelling lasting 48-72 hours post-treatment (and we recommend skipping exercise 24 hours post) but aside from that, you’ll be back in business very shortly post-injection!

How Long it Lasts: Time for the golden question – how long can I expect to enjoy my Sculptra results? The good news about this procedure is that results are long, making your investment well worth the price and time commitment! Because Sculptra is injected deep in the dermis, thus stimulating collagen production from the ground up, you can expect results to last two years and up (after a full series of four treatments)!

Have you started to notice the slow fall in your facial structure? You’re not alone! Sculptra is a favorite at Pure Skin among our 35+ something patients, because if we’re quite candid – the more quickly you get on your skin when you start to see the effects of gravity (and aging) take hold, the easier your treatment plan will be and the BETTER your results will be! Ready to take on the effects of gravity head-on? We’re here to help! Let’s get you on your way to a lifted, toned, and refreshed facial structure – it all starts with Sculptra! You can reach us at: 701-751-4140.

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