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Savanna’s 3 Must-Have Summer Skincare Products

The weather in Bismarck is heating up and while we know what that means for our A/C bill. . . what does that mean for our skin’s needs at this time of year? Just like we wouldn’t reach for our puffer jackets and snow boots in the summer, we need to think of how our skin reacts to the change in weather and how we can best support it with our skincare choices. Today we’re featuring Pure Skin’s CNA & Medical Aesthetician Savanna’s top three must-have summer skincare products and how they’ll keep you hydrated, protected and glowing when the heat is on.

First up in our quest for summer-ready skin is a product we recommend to all patients, because just about everyone’s skin benefits from a potent vitamin C serum . . . and our Pure Skin Citra Kissed Vitamin C is no exception to the rule. This stable vitamin C serum is applied topically and works to stabilize free radicals, making them less damaging to the skin. What’s even better is that while the Citra Kissed Vitamin C works to protect skin, it’s also simultaneously correcting the skin, by evening out skin tone, enhancing skin’s radiance and lightening hyperpigmentation and brown spots. This antioxidant-packed serum is an absolute must in your daily routine, especially with our increased exposure to the sun during the warmer months.

Are those long days on the river or lake leaving you feeling dehydrated? If so, your skin is likely feeling the same effects and the results that it has on our skin are nothing to take lightly. Our favorite product to combat dry, parched skin is our Pure Skin B5 - Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic acid provides intense hydration to help replenish what is lost from increased sun exposure and Savanna tells us, “it also helps plump and makes my skin feel and look supple and soft.” In addition, a medical-grade hyaluronic acid like our Pure Skin B5 “Blue Juice” will also help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while also speeding up wound healing. . . and for that, you will always find it on our shortlist of summer skincare must-haves.

We’ve got your free radical protection, skin brightening and hydration under control, so what’s left? You guessed it! Sun protection! Better known as your skin’s BFF when it comes to preventing premature aging, hyperpigmentation, and skin cancer. Savanna’s recommendation? The Pure Skin Oil-Free Tinted SPF 50 - Physical SPF. This light coverage sunscreen has the perfect amount of tint to make your skin look more even, without the heaviness of makeup.  Savanna tells us, “I always recommend an SPF of 50 in the summer.  I also use our powdered SPF 30 as a re-application product when outside for the day.” If you downgraded your SPF during the winter months, now is absolutely the time to reincorporate a daily SPF of 50 or higher, as we know those UVB rays (burning rays) are much stronger during the summer months.

At Pure Skin, we understand your skins ever-changing needs and we’re here to help. . . no matter the season! Do you have other skin concerns you’d like addressed? Give us a call at (701) 343-9119 to book your comprehensive skin consultation and let us put our years of skincare expertise to work in creating the skin of your dreams!

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