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Life After Menopause: Vaginal Dryness and Urinary Leaks/Urgency

life after menopause

There’s a lot of pelvic floor talk these days, and it’s not just from those freshly postpartum mothers - a lot of the chatter is from the post-menopausal ladies! Life after menopause, just like anything in a woman’s life, is another mountain to climb in figuring out how to reclaim our youth, make ourselves comfortable and live our best lives! Because if one thing is for sure, it’s that women know how to pivot, and life after menopause is a definite curveball that we’re ready to help you hit out of the park!

While life after menopause is a relief to many (sayonara monthly periods!), it still comes with its fair share of challenges! Vaginal dryness, atrophy, irritation, painful intercourse, and a weak pelvic floor (leading to urinary leakage), just to name a few! So, what’s a newly menopausal woman to do? Let us introduce you to diVa™! The diVa Laser was designed specifically for women in this stage of their lives to maintain gynecological and genitourinary/urology health in a quick, painless, in-office treatment!

What does the diVa treatment entail?

Now down to the nitty gritty! How does the diVa laser do it? The diVa laser is comprised of two lasers that help improve the internal walls of the vagina by increasing its thickness, tightness, and natural lubrication. The device uses hybrid fractional laser technology, alternating between different wavelengths that are minimally invasive, and best yet - completely customizable! The first laser targets the outer vaginal walls by coating them with freshly rejuvenated tissue, which smooths the internal vaginal walls and enhances lubrication. The second laser heats the deeper tissue layers to stimulate collagen growth at the source, which in turn tightens the tissue, treating mild to moderate urinary incontinence and increases elasticity. The diVa treatments are completed in about 5 to 10 minutes in a total of three easy in-office sessions, spaced about a month apart. To maintain results and get the full benefits of your diVa treatment, we highly recommend a yearly maintenance treatment each year thereafter. Downtime? Not here! When you walk out of your diVa appointment, you’ll be ready to carry on with you day as usual – no pain, no stiches, and no worries!

Why choose diVa at Pure Skin?

Since diVa has been gaining widespread popularity, we’ve all seen imitations pop up - so why go with diVa? The diVa laser uses modern technology in this quick procedure that is both comfortable and effective. The vaginal area is treated naturally by stimulating collagen growth that has simply declined in this later stage of life. Also, rather than hastily treating all layers of the vaginal tissue the same (with either too little or too much laser intensity) - diVa has gone the extra mile in designing a hybrid fractional laser to treat the vaginal walls more gently and turn up the intensity for the deeper tissue layers to really up their collagen production. Best of all, this noninvasive, no downtime procedure couldn’t be administered in better hands than that of our Nurse Practitioner Shelly Botsford. Shelly has spent most of her career in the OB/GYN field and has a deep understanding of what we women face as we navigate the treacherous waters of life after menopause. She has created countless plans for vaginal rejuvenation for her patients and is able to really spend the time with you to create a plan that gets you exactly what you need based on your goals - whether that might entail additional medications or procedures in tandem with your diVa treatment. More recently, Shelly completed an advanced preceptorship, focused more intensely on the diVa laser treatment with Dr. Peter Castillo in Los Gatos, California, a gynecologist who specializes in cosmetic gynecology and urology. Shelly brings this advanced understanding and skill back to her patients at Pure Skin to really help show them what the diVa laser can offer - and let them know that we offer solutions to these once solution-less problems! Because after all, your life doesn’t pause after menopause!

We women deal with enough of all that life throws at us - low sex drive, uncomfortable intercourse, weak pelvic floors, and the embarrassing urinary leakage that comes with it simply don’t need to be on your list of frustrations any longer! Take the time to address your vaginal concerns by calling for a discrete, one on one consultation at Pure Skin so you can live freely and comfortably in those post-menopausal years and beyond: 701-751-4140.

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