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At-Home Dermal Rollers VS The Medical Grade Microneedling Treatment

Have you ever had a little too much courage with that DIY project, only to end up calling a professional (and spending more) in the end? These days, believe it or not, the same can happen with professional skin services. With a rise in accessibility to skincare tools that mimic the real-deal medical grade tools, we’ve unfortunately seen a rise in scarring, injury and various complications associated with these products. While you may be able to squeak by with a modest home improvement on the weekend, we’re here to tell you that when it comes to your skin. . . you should always leave it to the professionals.

Have you been tempted by the various at-home dermal rollers you’ve seen online or in your social media feeds? While we love a good deal as much as the next person, in this instance, the cons of DIY outweigh the pros. For starters, when you purchase a dermal roller online, you are often choosing from a pool of unregulated, cheap imports. When purchasing a product like this, you are at risk for using a roller made from a material other than titanium or surgical steel and you may also end up with bent needles (nearly invisible to the naked eye), which can cause serious skin damage. Further, you are dragging this inexpensive roller across your skin (rather than at a 90-degree angle), making punctures and causing large tears along the way, which leads to more bleeding and more pain. What some also don’t realize is that there are many different needle lengths, and to select the right depth for your skin. . . you truly need to consult a professional.

What’s more troubling than hastily damaging your precious skin, is using topical, at-home skincare on top of wounded skin. The skin will absorb these products (not intended for open wounds) and can cause granuloma, coarse skin texture and other skin infections. Also, reuse of these dermal rollers if they haven’t properly been disinfected (it’s hard to do with a 360-degree tool!) can mean you are rolling harmful microorganisms right back into your skin, with a dull tool. This can lead to bruising, track mark lines, scarring, hyperpigmentation and ultimately, more harm than good.

Getting your microneedling treatment at Pure Skin means you are putting our degrees, certifications, and years of skincare expertise to work for you in this minimally invasive, results-driven treatment. Our microneedling treatments start by using a numbing gel to ensure the most comfortable experience possible. Next, we run the state-of-the-art Bella microneedling pen with 12 microscopic (one-time use) needles over the skin. As the needles penetrate the surface of the skin, invisible microchannels are created, which help stimulate the growth of new collagen and elastin in the skin. For even better results, we are also proud to offer microneedling treatments with the use of your own platelet-rich plasma. This simply means that during treatment we will draw a small amount of your blood, spin it down in our centrifuge and collect the plasma. This plasma is rich in platelets and growth factors, which aide in the regeneration of skin tissues and supercharge your results. After collecting the PRP, we then spread it on the skin while microneedling to give you the reduction of pore size, scarring, fine lines and wrinkles that you are looking for, while also improving texture and lifting and tightening the skin, naturally.

Bottom line is the age-old adage rings true; you get what you pay for. That and, if something seems too good to be true (or too inexpensive compared to what it’s emulating) . . . it likely IS. Here at Pure Skin, we care about your skin health and safety when it comes to skincare. Just like we’ve all gone through those teenage years of trying to dye our own hair. . . just to end up spending more in the salon for correction, we don’t want you to have to go through this on your face (because you can’t just throw a ball cap on it)! Wanting to show your skin a little more love? Call the skin professionals at Pure Skin at 701.751.4140, we’ll address your specific skin concerns in a safe, sanitary, clinical setting. . . so you can rest assured that you are in good hands, no DIY attempts needed! And if you’re looking for great deals on skincare services, follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages! We’re offering monthly specials that you can save on, safely!

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