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Trending: PDO Threads in Bismarck North Dakota

Trending: PDO Threads in Bismarck North Dakota

If you’re anything like us, when it comes to enhancing natural beauty, you want to see the most in terms of results, by doing the least. And by this, we certainly do not mean cutting corners, we mean affecting the original structure, be it a house, a classic car, or your precious facial skin as little as possible, while getting the most dramatic results. Our goal at Pure Skin is always for our patients to look like themselves, just better, and our newest trending treatment PDO Threads aim to do just that!

What are PDO Threads? We’re glad you asked! PDO (or Polydioxanone) Threads have been taking the aesthetic world by storm for their success in lifting in facial and neck areas needing mild all the way to moderate lift. These threads are commonly used for biomedical applications, particularly in cardiothoracic surgery because they are fully absorbed by hydrolysis within 4 to 6 months and don’t create any scar tissue. The PDA Threads (or foreign body as our bodies see it) stimulate collagen synthesis and create a skin structure that will hold in place for 12 to 15 months – all without the cost and risk of facelift surgery!

What is PDO Treatment like at Pure Skin? At Pure Skin Aesthetic & Laser Center, Dr. John Botsford and Shelly Botsford, NP utilize the monofilament twist and smooth threads. Offering these two different thread options allows us to target our patients’ concerns more successfully. Where smooth threads work wonders at tightening facial wrinkles and stimulating collagen, twist threads will give an additional plumping effect for those looking to add back a little more volume to their facial structure. Each thread is a small poke of a needle and we use ice for comfort measures if needed, but typically this treatment is quite painless. Post treatment, you may notice swelling and bruising for the first couple days but will be able to return to most daily activities following treatment, aside from saunas, side sleeping and intense exercise. For the first couple weeks post treatment, we’ll advise against rubbing your face, pursing lips, and drinking through a straw to ensure your threads stay positioned correctly and results are optimal.

What Results Can I Expect? In areas of mild to moderate areas of laxity and that need lifting, you’ll notice a smoothing of the skin, as well as an overall facial lift resembling a more mild facelift result. Many of our patients get PDO Threads in the brow area, mid face, low face (such as marionette and jaw line) as well as in the neck area for mild laxity correction. For best results, we love combining PDO Thread treatment with [link] Ultherapy™ [] or other deep heat laser devices to help get deeper collagen production and in turn, faster healing, and more pronounced results. We’ve also had beautiful results pairing PDO Threads with [link] Sculptra® [] as it is a bio-stimuator, stimulating your body to produce its own collagen for enhanced results and simultaneous improvement in facial hollowing and [link] volume loss []. We’ve found that our PDO Threads are best done in a series of 3, one-month apart for continued collagen stimulation to the areas of laxity, while giving adequate time for rest in between.

Just like restoring that gorgeous mustang, or bringing to life that historic craftsman, rejuvenating your facial skin should be the same! Minimal intervention with maximum results - so you look like you, just better! We are thrilled to announce the arrival of PDO Threads to Pure Skin’s extensive list of offerings, coupled with some of the most experienced administrators you’ll find in North Dakota. Call today to schedule your consultation and see what this noninvasive facelift can do for you: 701-751-4140


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