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Pure Skin Beauty Toolbox: Lasers


Just like your neighborhood mechanic, electrician, or plumber, we at Pure Skin also have a toolbox of our own - but instead of repairing your leaky sink, we work at repairing sun damage from the past, or simply routine aging and skin concerns we all inevitably experience. Today we’re popping the top on our Pure Skin beauty toolbox, complete with all of the highest quality lasers to repair and rejuvenate your skin - no matter what concerns you have!


As the world’s first hybrid fractional laser, HALO delivers both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to the same microscopic treatment zone. This dual-wavelength feature means that you can attain great results with minimal downtime. You will see improvements in overall tone and texture in addition to significant removal of discoloration, reduction in the appearance of fine lines, reduced pore size, skin reflectivity, and glow.

Learn more about the HALO Laser

SmartSkin CO2™ LaserSkinRenewal™ 

This CO2 fractional laser we’re *very* proud to have this in our beauty toolbox, as we own the only owner in ALL of North Dakota! More importantly, this laser offers completely customizable treatments, allowing us to adjust power, dwell time, spot density, and depth of penetration to effectively meet and exceed your expectations for both cosmetic results and desired downtime. The SmartSkin system is comprised of a fractionated CO2 laser that, when applied, targets water molecules within the skin. The interaction of water with the CO2 laser leads to collagen rejuvenation and ultimately, clear, smooth, and tight facial skin and specifically targets fine to deep wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, sun damage, rough texture, and acne scars on the face, neck decolletage, and hands. 

Learn more about the SmartSkin CO2 LaserSkinRenewal

Palomar LUX 1540 Fraxel Laser

This non-fractional laser targets the skin cells in the surface to mid layers of the skin via light energy which divides into microbeams. In creating these micro beams, narrow columns are created in the skin, which triggers the body’s natural healing response, forming brand-new, healthy tissue. This popular laser carries no downtime and is most commonly used for improving skin irregularities and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, skin tone and texture, stretch marks, acne scars, and surgical scars.

Learn more about the Palomar LUX 1540 Fraxel laser

Joule 2940 Laser

We LOVE this laser for its ability to do several different facial treatments to fit YOUR needs and downtime! Some Pure Skin favorites include the NanoLaserPeel, which is a short-downtime, light treatment that removes the topmost layer of your skin. Returning the natural smoothness and lustrous glow of the skin - with no downtime. Another is the MicroLaserPeel - the perfect tool for removing mild wrinkles that are the result of photoaging of the skin, with very little downtime as well! 

Learn more about the Joule 2940 Laser

Joule 2940 Erbium Spot Laser

Did we already mention the versatility of the Joule 2940 Laser? Because it also treats lesions! We are the very proud owners of the only two Erbium Spot Lasers in North Dakota! These two lasers can treat various skin lesions including moles, warts, cysts, rashes, blisters, keratosis, liver spots, and milia. The size and depth of the lesion determine which of these two lasers we use to remove them quickly and effectively without invasive and expensive surgery.

Learn more about the Joule 2940 Erbium Spot Laser

Sciton® ClearSense™ 1064 Laser

This laser is our go to for all things – yep, you guessed it, nail fungus! The ClearSense Laser delivers laser energy directly to the nails and nail beds of affected toenails. The heat from the laser eliminates fungus and facilitates the growth of clear nails without surgery and without antifungal medications, which can be toxic to your system. While you won’t see a change in the appearance of your nail right away, after a few months a clear nail grows out – a sight for sore eyes for those who’ve suffered from the signs of nail fungus!

Learn more about the Sciton® ClearSense™ 1064 Laser

Sciton® ClearScan™ YAG 1064

With the ClearScan Laser – spider veins are GONE! This laser delivers a powerful energy wavelength to the selected veins while keeping the surface of your skin cool, so there’s no damage to surrounding tissue. The heat energy penetrates deeply enough to destroy the spider veins, while the powerful cooling device keeps you comfortable for the duration of the treatment. This will cause the blood vessels to collapse and seal over a few weeks following treatment. The blood vessels that once appeared as spider veins dissolve, and your body removes them naturally. The result is the diminished or even the disappearance of spider veins.

Learn more about the Sciton ClearScan YAG 1064


We’ve opened the top of our extensive laser toolbox, with different lasers for every skin concern under the sun! Dr. Botsford at Pure Skin in Bismarck is highly trained in the latest techniques and protocols involving all of our laser offerings and also integrates multiple lasers and technologies to effectively target different skin conditions and their varying intensities. Ready to finally get the skin you love?

Call today for your comprehensive $100 consultation (the entire fee goes towards treatment!) We can’t wait to hear from you: 701-751-4140.

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