How You Can Get the Body of Your Dreams With SculpSure

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It doesn’t matter if you’ve maintained a healthy weight all your life, or recently worked hard to achieve it. Some pockets of fat can remain behind, leaving soft mounds where you want sleek curves. This can be due to genetics or changing hormonal conditions, for women or men, as they age. Sure, there’s liposuction, but when you’re so close to your ideal body the idea of surgery may not be appealing.

At Pure Skin Aesthetic & Laser Center, we offer SculpSure®, a remarkable, non-surgical treatment that lets you choose your own body shape by carefully targeting superficial fat stores that otherwise resist reduction through diet and exercise. Sessions lasting 25 minutes can literally dissolve fat from several typical problem spots on your body.

Fat cells versus heat

You likely know already that your body’s temperature is carefully controlled. A fever even five degrees above normal can be cause for serious concern. If certain tissue climbs about ten degrees above normal, your body recognizes it as damaged and starts a metabolic process to remove the compromised tissue.

Fat cells are one of these tissues. So, if there is a way to selectively warm these cells, they’d be flushed from the body naturally. If you’re already at an optimal weight and using diet and exercise to maintain it, there’s also no reason for your body to replace this lost tissue, since additional fat stores aren’t needed.

SculpSure and laser lipolysis

Targeting fat for warming without damaging other tissue is the challenge, and it’s one that’s answered by laser light energy. Since lasers can tune to a single wavelength, matching that wavelength to one that fat cells absorb is key to selectively warming those cells. This is the basis behind the SculpSure system. At the same time, cooling pads on SculpSure’s applicators keep your skin temperature down, so there’s no unwanted heating.

Once fat cells reach the coagulation point, your body takes over, tagging these cells for removal through the lymphatic and circulatory systems. This process takes time, so you’ll wait six weeks before results appear and maximum effect usually takes about three months. Depending on your body’s needs, you can undergo additional treatments to gain further benefits.

SculpSure treatment areas

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the SculpSure system for treating stubborn fat in several of the most common areas. The belly and love handles are two classic spots that seem to suffer disproportionately as both women and men age. There may be accumulations on your back that you’d like to see gone. Thighs are another problem area for which SculpSure is rated. For those with fat deposits under the chin, SculpSure is now cleared to treat this frequent trouble spot.

The active portion of your SculpSure appointment takes 25 minutes. That’s it. Once you’re treated, you simply go on with your day. There’s no recovery time. If you feel anything at all, it will likely feel as though the treatment areas got some sun, though of course without the potentially harmful ultraviolet components.

The body image specialists at Pure Skin Aesthetic & Laser Center are standing by to help you learn more about SculpSure and how it can help you achieve the body of your dreams. Call today to book an appointment.

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