Eliminate Unsightly Leg Veins With Laser Therapy By Summer

With nearly half of all men and women in the United States suffering from some type of vein issue, it’s a wonder more people aren’t talking about how to solve this problem. At Pure Skin Aesthetic & Laser Center, we’re not only talking about unsightly leg veins, we’re helping men and women in Bismarck, North Dakota get rid of them.

You no longer have to cover up embarrassing leg veins, especially during the summer months as the warmer weather arrives; there’s a better option. Our expert team of medical and aesthetic professionals offers a more permanent solution with state-of-the-art laser leg vein services. It’s really much easier than you think to be spider vein free.

Spider veins look scary.

It’s true. If they didn’t look like the spider webs you find in your attic, they’d be called something that elicits a prettier image. Appropriately named, spider veins appear on your legs like an intricate network of red, blue, or purple lines. Spider veins are actually a smaller form of varicose veins  — the enlarged veins that sometimes appear on your legs and ankles as a result of excess pressure, heredity, and lifestyle factors.

Aside from being annoyingly itchy or causing you to feel a burning sensation, and unlike larger varicose veins, spider veins are typically more of a cosmetic issue than a painful one, and they’re not usually cause for medical concern. But, nonetheless, if you live with spider veins, you probably feel self-conscious about how they look. We hear you, and our leg vein services can help.

Compression stockings are not a fashion statement.

If you have spider veins, your health care provider may recommend that you wear special compression stockings for extra support. But let’s face it: are you excited about wearing these out in public? (We didn’t think so.)

Wearing compression stockings or support hose can help take the pressure off your veins, but it’s certainly not going to diminish their appearance, or make you feel confident about your new fashion choice.

The team at Pure Skin Aesthetic & Laser Center understands this, and offers a state-of-the-art, simple solution to reducing the appearance of unsightly spider veins on your legs and ankles. Our laser leg vein services use the Sciton® JOULE™ laser system, with the ClearScan YAG™ 1064 laser to specifically target spider veins.

We’re on the same wavelength.

When it comes to effectively treating spider veins, wavelength is important. The powerful wavelength and pulsed heat energy of the Sciton YAG 1064 targets your spider veins and keeps the surface of your skin cool and comfortable. The laser energy treats your veins and leaves your skin unharmed.

Without needles or incisions, the intense laser energy reaches the veins in question, heating them so they slowly fade and disappear. In just 15-20 minutes per treatment session — most women and men need just a few treatments to see noticeable results — you can be spider vein free in no time.

Customized with you in mind.

Let’s be clear: laser leg vein treatments are not a one-size-fits-all service. Our medical and aesthetic laser specialists customize a treatment plan that delivers the results you desire. You may see a noticeable difference after just one or two treatments, as your leg veins miraculously fade away.

However, if you have stubborn veins that could benefit from a couple more sessions, then we’ll recommend that, too, so you can be sure you’re getting the appropriate level of treatment for your specific condition.

We only offer safe, effective technology.

Did we mention how safe this laser leg vein treatment is? The Sciton ClearScan YAG 1064 laser is FDA-cleared to treat spider veins on your legs and ankles. As with all of our technology, it’s safe to use and our medical and aesthetic personnel are highly trained and knowledgeable.

At Pure Skin Aesthetic & Laser Center, it’s all about helping you look and feel your best from head to toe. Call us today or use the online booking tool to schedule your leg vein consultation, and leave the spider webs in your attic where they belong instead of on your legs.

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