The Pure Skin Difference

Our Medical Aesthetician, McKenzie, attained her training from Everlasting Brows, U.S.A. With Everlasting Brows, therapists are educated to ensure that the pigment only penetrates the epidermis where the skin cells are most compact resulting in crisp fine lines. All products have undergone safety and quality assessments. Everlasting Brows does not create a color spread under the skin by penetrating the deeper layers. At Everlasting Brows, therapists learn to understand pigmentology to avoid bluish, grey or red undertones. The pigment fades out naturally after 12-18 months. Everlasting Brows techniques have been developed to look perfectly realistic. With Everlasting Brows, you will be able to create a multidimensional look. Eyebrows heal faster. Gentler on skin. Softer looking brows. McKenzie takes an individual approach to every need; brow bone structure, skin type and color as well as natural hair growth direction.